Some examples of our work

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Fluting a barrel in our horizontal mill

Machining an octagon barrel in our horizontal mill

50 Caliber Muzzle Loading Pistol, with Rifled Barrel, Single-set trigger. The first time shot in competition this pistol took first place. All parts except wood screws were custom designed and built in our shop.

Bowling Ball Mortar - This thing will put your 16 pound bowling ball out of sight.

New Bowling Ball Mortar -This one is much better

Converting an 1858 Remington to 44 Colt cartridge - Cylinder is made from 4140.

1905 Colt replacement barrel made from scratch.

Offset center for turning taper on barrels without moving tailstock.

Replace shotgun barrel, Parker 12 gauge to 28 gauge.

Underhammer target pistol, 36 caliber.

A ball turning trick for making a bolt handle

Special cutters made.

Mule ear lock for T/C rifle, changing a flintlock to percussion.

Wedding band, going from octagon to round.

The frame on this 32 caliber rifle was made from an old pump shaft and a few parts I had on hand.

The engraving was done by Dale Woody of